What is Backflow?


Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water, or a mixture of water and pollutants, into the distribution pipes of your potable water system. It happens when a “cross connection” within the water system is reversed due to a pressure drop. When there is a pressure drop, contaminated water is drawn backwards into your water system.

What are Backflow Preventers?

Backflow preventers protect the city’s water supply from outside contamination by allowing water to flow in only one direction.

Make Sure They’re Properly Maintained.

At Backflow Prevention of New York we provide the critical services you need to prevent this form of pollution and contamination:

Testing: We send you reminders 60 days before the annual test date so you never have to worry about receiving violations.

Maintenance Contracts: We offer you one budgetable cost for all your backflow prevention needs.

Design and Installation: We will design, gain approval and install your backflow preventers, as well as address any violations you may have received.