Recent Code Changes

Are you compliant with New York City’s plumbing code?

New York city is serious about enforcing its backflow prevention laws. Currently, the city maintains an informative web page listing all businesses that require backflow preventers.

In July of 2008, a new plumbing code went into effect in New York City. It was the first overhaul in 40 years and a major step in the protection of New York City’s drinking water. It meant that end-users means backflow prevention devices must be tested, and required that:

Every point-of-use backflow preventer installed must now be tested by a licensed “Backflow Prevention Device Tester” before it is put into use.

It must be tested annually, with the test filed with the NYC Dept. of Buildings.

Backflow Prevention of New York is the city’s only dedicated Backflow Prevention vendor. We’re licensed Backflow Prevention Device Testers and NYC Licensed Plumbers. We’ll make sure you’re up to code, and help you avoid costly violations.

Click here for a complete list of properties requiring backflow prevention devices, or give us a call for more information.