Testing and Service

Don’t wait for a violation; get tested

Managers of New York’s commercial and residential buildings know backflow preventer or RPZ testing is required in New York City. But most plumbers consider testing and repairing backflow devices a hassle. And when annual testing isn’t done, the result can be costly violations and device failure.

Backflow Prevention of New York is a licensed, dedicated, and experienced testing and repair company. We do it all—the test, the filings and the annual scheduling.

We offer Annual Service plans that include:
  • Scheduled testing and service of each device
  • Locked-in annual pricing
  • Automatic reminders two months before each device is due for a test.
  • Custom software that tracks all information about your device.

Call us to discuss our testing and service plans. As the preferred Backflow expert in New York City, our testing and service plans are the most reliable in New York.

Backflow Prevention of New York is the city’s only dedicated Backflow Prevention vendor. We’re licensed Backflow Prevention Device Testers and NYC Licensed Plumbers. We’ll make sure you’re up to code and avoid costly violations.